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Live Resin Sauce is popular given its strong aroma and flavor which delivers a different and more complex experience. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, THCa crystalline starts to crash while solvent is slowly removed. High Terpene Extract (HTE) from the same strain is then reintroduced to give it the aroma-packed smell when you pop the lid off the jar.


The West Coast Cure team are nonconformists who have been loyal to cannabis since the prohibition days. For decades, they have been hunting and hand-selecting the gassiest strains while fostering relationships with cultivators and innovative wax artists. Winning the first NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates in 2012 was the crowning moment for their brand’s vision.

They aren’t a new market entrant who joined the game after 2018 to make inferior products without a heart. They are West Coast Cure, the hardcore OGs who bring you crazy fire weed.

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