Authentic Dablogic Solventless Hash Badder Live Rosin


DabLogic Live Rosin is some of the finest hashish on the market. They use only water, ice, and low heat and pressure to create our solventless/live rosin products. No fillers, no cutting agents, and no toxic solvents.


Here at DabLogic our purpose is to cultivate the good life, which is why growing in living soil, hand trimming our buds & packaging our products in sustainable packaging is so important to us! We believe everyone should have access to the best cannabis and cannabis concentrates, so we won’t compromise on our cultivation methods. It’s not the easiest or least expensive way to grow great cannabis, but we believe it is the best.

Only the most pristine & exquisite flower from the Verde Natural garden are selected to be transformed into DabLogic handmade solventless hashish. This intense dedication to quality and belief in the healing power of plant medicine, produces a live resin that is unrivaled by the competition. By only using old school ice water hash techniques and pressing methods with low heat and pressure we make the best expressions of cannabis in hash form, with no fillers, cutting agents or toxic chemicals. Come experience our divine magical trichomes.

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